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In 1977, we began operating in Piracicaba (Sao Paulo inland city), collecting 230 cubic meters by month of Used or Contaminated Lube Oil, which served as raw material for our recycling process (re-refining), producing 150 m³ / month of re-refined base oil.

At that time, there was only one recommendation, of the CNP (Brazilian National Petroleum Council), for hazardous waste management for Used or Contaminated Lube Oil.

In 1981, Law No 6,938 was approved, the first step in the regulation of the Used or Contaminated Lube Oil collection sector. However, it was only after the constitution of ANP – Agência Nacional de Petróleo (Brazilian National Petroleum Agency) in the 1990s that regulations were established for the collection and re-processing, as this consolidated by CONAMA Resolution 9/93. At this time, we obtained its ANP registration, which authorized it to exercise the collection and re-refining of Used or Contaminated Lube Oil.

In 2010, we gain the NBR ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which seeks constant improvement and focus on the satisfaction of its internal and external customers. Maintains a Quality Management System, which manages the specialization of its entire workforce with courses and specific training.

One liter of oil contaminates 1 million liters of water. Protection of the environment and prevention of environmental impacts from its activities is our constant concern. Certified in early 2013, with ISO 14001-2004 (Environmental Management System) is the tool used to guarantee the commitment with the environment.

We started 2013 with a significant achievement, an integrated certification, having as one of the bases the OHSAS 18001:2007, Health and Safety Management System that ensures, through its managers, the application of strict health and safety standards, improvement the best indexes, which translate into the physical integrity of its employees and their material assets. Leaders in the various sectors are responsible for maintaining and enforcing compliance with health and safety standards, procedures and laws within their area of responsibility. We demands the same commitment from its subcontractors.

With a highly qualified team and a modern fleet, we collects Used or Contaminated Lube Oil in several Brazilian states, in different generating sources, such as oil change centers, car dealers, concessionaires , industries, workshops (garages), service stations, carriers, among others.

The current production of 4,500 cubic meters / month places us among the largest companies in the collection and re-refining sector in the country.

Considering that a liter of oil is capable to contaminate one million liters of water when dumped into rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwater, we count with several technological advances that help in environmental preservation, putting us among companies that think of sustainable industrial growth.


With a highly qualified team and a modern fleet, Our Company collects used or contaminated lube oil in 20 states of the federation even federal district, for different generating sources, such as oil change centers, car dealers, concessionaires , industries, workshops (garages), service stations, carriers, among others.


Distrito Federal • Goiás • Mato Grosso do Sul • Mato Grosso • Alagoas • Bahia • Ceará • Maranhão • Paraíba • Pernambuco • Piauí • Rio Grande do Norte • Sergipe • Pará • Tocantins • Espírito Santo • Minas Gerais • Rio de Janeiro • São Paulo • Paraná • Rio Grande do Sul • Santa Catarina


(Piracicaba - SP)
CNPJ: 49.396.591/0001-57 - I.E.: 535.068.469.116
Rua Olivia Gobbo Nardelli, 141 – Vale do Sol
CEP: 13406-005 - Piracicaba – SP
(19) 3415.9955


(Santos - SP)
49.396.591/0009-04 I.E. 657.273.298.111
Rua Pedro Leonardo de Souza, 200 - Vila Ema
11345.370 - São Vicente - SP
(13) 3566.3517
(Ribeirão Preto - SP)
49.396.591/0008-23 I.E. 582.874.421.118
Rua Segundino Gomes, 411
Parque Industrial de Tanquinho
14075-690 - Ribeirão Preto – SP
(16) 3628.5876
(Serra - ES)
49.396.591/0005-80 I.E. 082.621.86-1
Rua Coelho Neto, 1259 - São Diogo I
CEP 29163-241 - Serra - ES
(27) 3338.8770
(Feira de Santana-BA)
49.396.591/0004-08 I.E. 79.386.589-EP
Rua Uricema, 106 - Limoeiro
44097-708 - Feira de Santana - BA
(75) 3614.0275
(Rio Largo - AL)
49.396.591/0007-42 I.E. 242.180.83-3
Loteamento Asa dos Ventos, 10
Quadra A - Lotes 12 | 13 | 14
Prefeito Antonio Lins de Souza
57100-000 - Rio Largo - AL
(82) 3342.0424
(Araucaria - PR)
49.396.591/0011-29 I.E. 90.649.329-23
Rodovia do Xisto - BR 476 Km 151, 4.100 - Chapada
83707-740 - Araucaria - PR
(41) 3552-7663
(Betim - MG)
49.396.591/0013-90 I.E. 0020.983.930.007
Avenida Campos de Ourique, 13 – Dom Bosco
32670-575 - Betim - MG
(31) 3593-6576


Our fleet has a hundred own and third-party trucks, with different volumes and sizes. They are vehicles and drivers equipped and trained to meet all the standards, procedures and maintenance required by the legislation.

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